Honesis Installation

As I’ve told before, the goal for the Video class was to create a personally made video-installation for purpose of presentation. Bringing both the tools and the room / space to the forefront I made one projection of Honesis in loop run on top of three different screens. The three screens each showed different video’s in loop too. The audio was that of the Honesis video. Effectively there were three video’slooping all out of sync making it impossible to ever see the same performance. Grids in the video made for a nice effect too.


Honesis B

Honesis, conscious satellite, creator and receiver in search of the timeless.

Soundcloud Sets and Vimeo Playlist

My initial plan was to collect all the sounds into a free Bandcamp-album. However I can’t really see all these sounds as one album, if I’d want to make it more album-like I would have to make severe cuts and this would entirely defeat the purpose and idea of Honesis. Uploading all the sounds done in the past period on Soundcloud for this particular project seemed more appropriate. I created small sets for each month, lots of small audiobits and sketches which I gave individual descriptions concerning concept, technique, what they were for and so on.
A large Vimeo playlist with all my past video’s is out there in cyberspace as well!


April 2015 Sketches

Honesis Intro + Soundtrack

For the soundtrack of Honesis I made a big mash-up of all the sounds I created for assignments between September 2014 and April 2015. Small cuts, pitching and stretching and bits of DSP effects to glue it all together. Naturally I did this with the same mindset of space-shuttle and alarms going off. Actually this was the first time I extensively used Cockos Reaper since I bought it and was great for a project like this giving a birds-eye view on all the little chunks of sound. Shortly after finishing the first version of the soundtrack I started building an intro video for Honesis with the purpose to draw attention and establish the environment.

First part of the video.

Screenshot 2015-04-29 15.56.40

Screenshot 2015-04-29 22.23.03Screenshot 2015-04-28 16.18.12

Here’s the entire soundtrack:



The Audio & Type Bridge

I created a new visual test of a different setup of the tangible “control room”. With the idea to work towards one video highlighting all kinds of steps I made over the year I can see these shots of the control room as little snippets in between: me controlling and setting up parameters, receiving images, etcetera. I colour corrected the footage and added the Glossolalia video into one of the little screens of the setup.

2015-04-16-DSC_0307 1100 2015-04-16-DSC_0327 1100 2015-04-16-DSC_0328 1100

Ghetto setup

2015-04-17 16.21.48 1100  2015-04-17 16.22.08 1100 2015-04-17 16.22.17 1100

2015-04-18-DSC_0353 1100 2015-04-18-DSC_0354 1100


The Upload Downtown compilation strengthened the idea to bring all the past audio, video and concepts I’ve done into one bigger piece. Instead of simply compiling one video after the other I feel a mash-up or a collage could work better and would honour the concept of the spaceship-metaphor more suitably. I sketched a quick storyboard, which I then drew digitally and animated onto previous soundtracks. I’m obviously not using storyboards to set things in stone, they serve as an approximation of what I have in mind for some sort of finale piece.
The working title is Honesis. An amalgamation of the words and synonyms of Receiver (Heir, Collector, Trustee, Transceiver) and Creator (Architect, Author, Designer, Producer, Brain, Initiator, Prime Mover, God). Hypothesis. Thesis. System.

2015-04-sboideas 1100

2015-04-18-Storyboard01 1100